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'This book was super cute. While I received my ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, I really believe that this is a book better read in actual form. Stanley is a 12 week old Border Terrier puppy who documents his first year with his new parents through letters to his pup pal, Clementina. Stanley's take on life is sometimes downright hilarious. He has some interesting views on the other dogs at the dog park, his retired owners pub crawls with his friends, hiking, going to the vet and stripping - yes, stripping. Stanley gets in a few predicaments and practically scares his grandmother to death with a toy alligator. Anyone who has raised a puppy will love seeing puppyhood from this pup's point of view.'

- Goodreads


'What a beautifully written and presented book! As the owner of two Border Terriers I was eager to see how Colin had given 'a voice' to Stanley, his Border Terrier Pup. Through a series of letters to his 'friend', Clementina, Colin has cleverly used all of the quirks and characteristics shown by this amazing breed of loveable dogs, and in particular, Stanley to create a very sweet, funny book.

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Dear Clementina by Colin Burke

For me the comments and perspective that Stanley has on his life are exactly as I envisage the way that my two dogs think and react - it's a shame that they can't read .. they'd love it! Colin has done an amazing thing in getting the concept down in writing .. well done and thank you!'

- Amazon


'Dear Clementina was a lighthearted and creative way to tell the tale of Stanley Burke, a Border Terrier puppy living in Manchester, England. The letters he sends Clementina, a fellow Border Terrier pup, detail his various (mis)adventures and he does come off as quite a cheeky dog! One can't help but smile when they read Stanley's letters as he regales Clementina (and the rest of us) with his tales.'

- Jen, Goodreads


'A puppy's first year of life told by the mischievous puppy himself is chronicled in the clever format of a letter to one of his closest canine pals. This "first-puppy perspective" makes for a whimsical view on the new and often misinterpreted ways of the world and how we humans live our lives. I found myself chuckling quite often at Stanley's behavior, observations, and approach to everyday situations and felt compelled to share some of his more humorous antics with my husband. I would highly recommend this book to any reader, but especially to other dog lovers. It is a fun and touching book that everyone will enjoy!'

- Erica, Goodreads


'I received this book from in exchange for an honest review. Stanley (a puppy) writes letters to his friend Clementina detailing the oddities of human interaction from a dog's point of view. It was fun to read about our normal everyday activities as seen through the eyes of a dog. This was a light, entertaining read that could easily be read in spare moments throughout the day to make me smile.'

- Paula, Goodreads


'Dear Clementina is an adorable book about a young pup named Stanley. He makes a new friend, at the park, Clementina, and when they can't meet up, he writes letters to her about what's been going on in his life. Colin Burke obviously loves dogs and brings a unique insight to the way dogs think. If you are a dog or animal lover this is definitely the book for you! Pick it up, it's a quick read and quite lovely. '

- Book Drunkard, Goodreads


'Bought this for my wife who loves anything to do with border terriers. She couldn't put the book down once she's started it. The stories mirrored our experiences with our own border terrier. A funny read for which there could potentially be a sequel?'

- Andy M, Amazon IE