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Colin Burke Author dog

Thanks for visiting my website, or more accurately the website of "Dear Clementina", the collected letters of Stanley, my Border Terrier.


When we got him I had no intention of recording his thoughts and observations in what is now the Dear Clementina book. It was only when he went in for the "snip"and the owner of Clementina (another Border Terrier puppy he played with in the local park) sent an email enquiring as to his health  that his regular correspondence began. His detailed response caused a few smiles from a very limited readership and a few more letters followed...then a few more, until he was on a roll and over the course of nine months there were twenty-eight of them, which was about twenty-two more than his readership.


A pal of mine, Bill Mather, brought his artistic skills into play as he first sketched out what would become the front and rear covers, and then supplied a few additional illustrations to sprinkle about in the book itself. Anyway, all the letters and drawings have been bound and printed now and the book is available  from all good bookshops or directly from my publishers, and as an Ebook. Click on 'Books' for details.



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